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My friend tell me something about u

My friend, I'm just an ordinary girl, trying to steal bill gates place...

Air pods Laga k apney Ghar main ek jgha pey beth k apna concert karney waly response this question..!?,!


Need a boyfriend jo mujhe purana wala bhulaane mein help kare Aur bs time pass kre aur kuch nhii

Uhhh that was to the point.
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Like to be honest i for real feel so tired of life but have to keep going... (ikk u can ignore this shoutout but i just wanted to let it out)

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But letting it out doesn't solve it
And also we all feel the same way...
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What’s your favorite time of year and why?

I think November to January cuz in those months you don't have any exams and u just chill and relax...other months are just in chaos...
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