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شنو الأصعب... حرب النفسيه ولا حرب مع معدتك؟؟؟

Q8Lucifer’s Profile PhotoLucifer
انا اقول النفسيه لان المعده لها حل وحلول
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بخاطري اروح مكان مافي احد جي بعيد عن الناس كلها

mem5l’s Profile PhotoM19nl
Get yourself a one way ticket to Mars and never back
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Funny or an interesting fact about you? 👀

Fatm_Th’s Profile PhotoFatm
Funny: My imagination is funny when it comes to people telling me stories, I mostly imagine people as stick figures and laugh randomly
Interesting fact: I don’t need company to be happy
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- شخص تحبون اسلوبه بالاسك 🎼🍃'؟

NANOSHA_X’s Profile PhotoN A N O S H A
كل اللي اعرفهم على عيني وراسي والنعم فيهم اخلاق عاليه ويعرفون نفسهم عدل
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Do acts of kindness have a motive? And does having a motive for good actions makes makes one a bad person?

Fatm_Th’s Profile PhotoFatm
Acts of kindness is genuinely the purity of one’s soul
I really like kindness and good deeds however I don’t agree that a person must take a video or evidence that they did a good act of kindness , people don’t need to show the world it’s something between them it shouldn’t be exaggerated as we see on social media 😂
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I saw a funny tiktok video where it shows that this generation is more sensitive than the one before.. Do you think people in this current generation less or more sensitive than people from past generations? And if so, why? What makes this generation sensitive and cant handle anything?

Fatm_Th’s Profile PhotoFatm
Every generation is equal I don’t like the mindset that some people keep mocking this generation. Especially some famous social media influencers they keep bashing and mocking the new generation, as if they are all worthless? sensitive? So what if a person is sensitive ? They are all human beings it’s just the era and generation is built different. The 70’s kids were tough, the 80’s kids were tough, 90’s were tough and so are the 2000’s and so on
Each generation was good no matter their ups and downs. It’s true that the 2000’s are spoiled a little bit by the advancement of technology and the ease of this life but it doesn’t mean that they are worthless
Unfortunately, the society is dragging the generation down criticizing and mocking them but they are geniuses .. they are silenced tbh
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Is living life to the fullest possible? How?

Fatm_Th’s Profile PhotoFatm
I believe that we determine how we live our lives to the fullest, whether through many experiences or simply breathing; we can do so once we set our minds to it
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Do numbers really exist or are they something man has created?

Fatm_Th’s Profile PhotoFatm
I've been thinking the same thing for over a decade!
I really don't understand time and numbers. I used to think so hard that it damaged my brain cells. I know numbers are made up by people in the past, and some argue that time is valid because it follows the Sun, stars, and moon as they orbit the Earth or something along those lines, but what guarantees that 4pm is actually 4pm?
Isn't it strange?
But I've always wondered how people understood numbers. I know there are some numbers in the Quran, but how do people know which ones they are?
What if atomic clocks aren't precise? What if the calculations are incorrect?
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Aristotle thinks that happiness is having a good life yet he did not describe what a good life is, as he thinks one would just sense or know what a good life is by seeing how others failed to have a good life… So, What do you think is the meaning of a good life?

Fatm_Th’s Profile PhotoFatm
Happiness depends on how you define it
I believe that everyone has their own definition of happiness.
For me, happiness is achieving my goals, staying healthy, and having my family around me
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Do you think we become less happy in this age of technology? Or happiness is within and outside events/things cannot affect happiness whatsoever?

Fatm_Th’s Profile PhotoFatm
I strongly believe that happiness is driven by the brain; if you feel happy, you will be happy; it's all about training our minds; however, I do agree to some extent that technology is destroying happiness by imposing standards on society.
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