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Perks Of Dating you!!๐Ÿ˜˜

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Perks of dating ME :
*Forts - I am a child.
*Sometimes I'm funny.
*Random butt touches.
*Video games.
*I make a killer HOT chocolate.
*Always ready to make out.
*Inappropriate jokes.
*Surprise kisses.
*I won't like anyone else I hate everyone.

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Sakshi Mistry
Mistry! ๐Ÿ’•
You are one of the prettiest girl from YHS..
A special Thnx to Yukta because of her we met! I know you since you had crush on my friend 's' If u remembr? we had a great time in YHS..if u remembr we used to have fun at "Abhishek" building...pehele pehele you used to look "padhaku" but the day when you changed yourself matlap makeover or something I had crush on u.. And yes you are you said! You and Nachi look perfect with each other.. aur bohot kch h kehne ko.. par chodo..itna bass hai shyd?? Ohk?? Mistry?? #lysfm #stayblessed #mmuahhhhh

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