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ضحكتج حلوه


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السلام عليكم، تدرسين بكلية التربية؟

وعليكم السلام، لا

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Whom would you call, if you were allowed to make just one last telephone call?

No one.

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Is love blind?

yes men uma

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meta birthday aseel?

6af gabel yumen:)

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inty ile t6l3im bsnap rfejti shftich CUUUUUUTE!!


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A7bch lmn t39bin bsnap😂


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حبيت شكلج اليوم🖤


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Maybe in future 💛,you know me so you later

Okay, but I think You know me💛'

no i don't

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You know ,who am I ?

You are beauty in 2016 and you will stay beauty in 2017 💛'

aww shukraan 7yate😳💕💕

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Do you have a special tradition for New Year’s celebration?

Of course there's. studying, eating, eating eating eating eating.

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Happy new year 💛 , I wish you happy life and always successful in your work .

Ouh a'ameen! thankyou darling☹️💕

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Your avatar is such a beautiful mashallah✨💗


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ماتشوفين شر


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عادي تنزلينه 😢

عندج بيبي ام

اي الحمدالله 😂


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اقول شلونج زينه

زينه زينه

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راحه و استجمام لان

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