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Is anything happening with the Indiana Jones special?

Thanks for asking! Yes, we promised Indiana Jones and the Monkey King as our 200th episode, but it's turning out to be a much more involved, detailed process than we thought. The recording and music is all done, but the intricacies of editing a full four-hour radio drama are incredibly complex, in addition to doing the normal show on a weekly basis and our normal jobs/lives. It's getting to the final stages though, so we'll be sure to keep you apprised of any developments!
If necessary, we're contemplating releasing it in several short sections at a time instead of all at once. Let us know if that's a method that our listeners might prefer!
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What about the failed drinks? The ones that seemed like a good idea at the time only to fail when it came time to imbibe? How many iterations do the drinks go through before we get the finished cocktail?

I asked Jared, and he had this to say:
"I'll be the first to admit that some of our cocktails are better than others, but only a handful of attempts have ever had to go down the drain. I would say that savory drinks take the most tries to get right. But in general, I've had enough practice now that I can basically construct a flavor profile in my head and get it right on the first attempt."

Yo bug report: BttF's LISTEN HERE OR DOWNLOAD link is also directing to btothef.tumblr. Hope this information finds you well and hasn't already been mentioned a dozen times. Also sorry if this got double-sent; had an Internet hiccup.

Whoops, that's dumb; the link was a late-minute addition to the post, so something must've happened. Fixed it now, though - thanks so much for the heads up!

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Do you think you'll ever get 'tricked' into watching another miniseries for the site like you did with "IT"?

God, I hope not - those long-movie episodes are exhausting to record (since we usually watch the movie all together right before recording). Even after The Postman, we've decided to double-check movie lengths before putting it on our lineup, or just make sure to watch them separately before meeting to record if we still really want to do a long movie.

How does it feel to have Samurai Cop be the most-downloaded episode you've produced?

Pretty grateful, honestly - I don't know where all the support came from, but it's real neat. I suppose it shouldn't be unexpected, since we got to rip into a hilariously bad movie (and that's the bread and butter of the movie podcast genre), but it's definitely noteworthy that it's got substantially more downloads than most of our other eps. We made a soft rule that we wouldn't be a strictly 'bad movie podcast,' since there are so many of those out there, but this reminds us that we should make sure to keep them in our rotation.

Please describe what would happen if there were a pun-off between you guys and GeopLP.

It would probably be neck-and-neck for awhile, but I'd just end up getting a penalty point on principle because I'd get his damn name wrong again.

Heard any music you're fond of/would recommend lately?

Jean Pierre Goldfrapp
I tend to get really behind on music, but in terms of new stuff I've really enjoyed lately, I really dig the New Pornographers' new album Brill Bruisers, as well as Neko Case's latest album (The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You . I'm working my way through Bjork's new album Vulnicura as well, and it feels like a throwback to the stuff I used to listen to of hers in 200 before she got too ambient. When I like to shake things up, I go to Noon Pacific (www.noonpacific.com), which is a curated playlist that goes up at 12PM PST every Monday; it's usually pretty solid, if a little EDM-centric.
I listen to film scores a lot when I work/write, so I've admittedly been paying more attention to those: I actually rather dug Michael Giacchino's score for Jupiter Ascending, and every year I make a CD-length mix of tracks/scores I liked from the previous year. Here's mine for last year: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNKN0u81IVyv_zQhhfrvQs8gVYrtnieqt

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If you were tasked with creating drinking rules for MODE, could you? Would you? What about other FMV titles?

To be honest, I have no idea what MODE is, but I'm sure I could take a crack at it.
As for other FMV titles, the Wing Commander episode made me think I could probably come up with a good one for the FMV titles there. Possible rules would include drinking 1) whenever Tom Wilson clearly ad-libbed a Maniac line/bit, 2) someone chastises/compliments you on what you did during a mission, and 3) whenever someone says 'waypoint' or 'wingman'.

Have you ever thought about going on the road with your podcast? Visiting people from other cities/states?

That'd be SUPER awesome, if we found a way to get away from work for long enough, and we could be reasonably sure we'd at least break even and not go broke in the process. We've thought about live episodes in Chicago as well; we just need to find the right venue and find the time to commit to it. If you've got any ideas, we'd love to hear them!

Is there a particular reason you discriminate against robots suggesting movies for you to cover?

I'll put it this way - if it can pass the Turing Test, I've got no problem with it.

I inferred from some dialogue in your "Detention" podcast that you aren't doing quizzes anymore. Is this true, and would you be willing to elaborate on why if so?

Right now, it is true that we're not doing any quizzes. Back in the day, we would always follow up our breaks with a relevant quiz, along with a victory and punishment shot. As we went on, though, we noticed that (surprise, surprise) the episodes were starting to lose focus a bit and get less entertaining after everyone had a shot in them. While we tried it for awhile with non-alcoholic shots, that got to be a bit more of a hassle than it was worth, and it was frankly difficult for the both of us to alternate making quizzes, as it was just that much more to prepare on top of everything else. Furthermore, we've been trying to streamline the episodes more (keeping them around 70-80 minutes), and that would just end up adding 5-6 minutes to the total runtime.
I think that, if demand were to be sufficient for the quizzes to come back, we'd be more than happy to accommodate - just maybe without the victory/punishment shots.

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I'm probably the only person who noticed or cared, but the 15 Minutes download is mislabeled as track 121, not 171. Buttercups are edible. Since neither of those are questions... Have you received suggestions that, upon viewing realized you couldn't make an episode about, or do you vet it first?

Hah yeah, I noticed that as soon as I posted it, but I decided I was too lazy to change it. As for the question, there are a few suggestions that we've vetted and decided we wouldn't go for. For example, we almost did an episode on 2001's Town & Country, but on the night we figured out we couldn't actually find a copy of it anywhere (even to buy), so what would be the point of talking about it if no one else has seen it? Other stuff we've rejected is stuff that's too long/artsy to really make work (Tarkovsky's Stalker), or infamously 'bad' films that are too obvious/have been done to death by other Internet movie things (The Room, Troll 2, Birdemic). Not to say we would NEVER do them, but I think we'd have to make sure the interest was there.

them all from the dream before they break free but still have to wonder if they're still asleep. Sorry, belated spoilers for Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014. (2)

What's Doctor Who?

Has anyone written Alcohollywood slashfic yet? What would be your reaction if they did?

To my knowledge, no, but since we're mentioned a couple times on TVTropes I'm imagining it's only a matter of time. I fully expect fans of the show to keep me apprised of any developments on this front. I must learn which of us is tsun or dere.

If you were given the option to remake any movie,be it to improve on the original or introduce a modern audience, which movie, what would you change, and why?

Just because we talked about it recently, I'd love to go back in time and remake Last Action Hero to allow them to pick one of the five or six directions they so wanted to take with it and actually stick to it.

Do you speak any languages other than English?

I think Jared speaks a little French, and I took Japanese for three years, but in terms of fluency I'd say we're both your bog-standard jingoistic Yanks who only know howsta speak Murican.

Hey so could you recommend some decent shows/books/music? We get a good look into your movie preferences but not into other media, and I'm curious. #NotaSpamBotHonest

It's a good question, but I fear my answers will be aggressively lame and predictable. Plus, I'm SUPER into movies, to the extent where a great deal of the books I read lately are nonfiction books about film history (Pictures at a Revolution, Inside Out, My Year in Flops), and most of the music I listen to are film soundtracks/scores since they're great for writing.
Outside of that, though, I just got done actually reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, which was great. I've also been reading a lot of great short stories, like "Smell of Fatigue" by Melida Rodas, "Bartleby the Scrivener" by Melville, "Hills Like White Elephants" by Hemingway, and so on. I'm also hearing good things about Augusten Burroughs, I need to get around to reading him sometime.
In terms of actual songwritten songs, I'm really into the New Pornographers/Neko Case/AC Newman because I'm one of those damn white people, and Mavis Staples' most recent album "One True Vine" is nice afternoon listening. I'm on the lookout for new music, though, since I'm terrible at keeping up with that stuff.
As for shows, I can recommend the usual prestige dramas (Breaking Bad, Mad Men, etc.), and I'm one of those really stupid people who loves Doctor Who. As for sitcoms, I'm an appointment watcher for Parks and Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl and The League (though I leave it to you which one of those four shows is actually getting better with each episode). Also, if you haven't watched Rectify, it's on Netflix and you should do so immediately.

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If you were writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month, what would it be about?

It'd be made entirely of fake ask.fm questions I'd ask and answer myself as a FICTIONAL COOL GUY, since that'd be a good way to eat up my word count.

I really enjoy your Rare & Vintage reviews. Some are tricky to come by, but Murders in the Zoo, Great Guy, Ladybug Ladybug, and Brain Dead were pretty great!

Thanks! We've gotten a lot of great feedback on those; it's a semi-retired column now, since frankly it's easier for me to go to the multiplex and just write on how good/bad two new releases are than it is for Jared to meticulously curate a series of films that are a) old/forgotten and b) actually any good. Maybe if we're able to free up some more time/there's enough interest, we can bring it back someday.

You said in the CIFF episode, that you've lived in Chicago for 5 years. Where were you from beforehand? If Illinois, what do you think of the Sufjan Stevens concept album? What kind of name is Sufjan anyway? Why isn't it pronounced "Illi-nwah"? EVERY QUESTION AT ONCE

I grew up in central Illinois, went to college in NE Missouri, then moved up to where the action is. I haven't actually listened to the whole album, but I remember hearing the song itself in Little Miss Sunshine. The remaining questions are well beyond my purview or scope of knowledge; sometimes, some things must simply remain a mystery.


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