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Ever had any funny travelling experience? If yes, what was that?

Abdul Majid Chaudhry
Yes i was in sitting in euro 2 and it was a family trip to northern areas ! All i saw is mountains everywhere ! I dont know what i was thinking back then .... i i 😅😅 ..... I just open the window and yell "yaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" ...... Then a cute little bug just got stuck in my mouth 😂 ..... I can't forget the taste 😂

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What to do when the person you love purely still have feelings for his/her Ex ( who doesn't like him/her) ?

"Ek mayan me 2 talwaryn nhi sama sakti" ... There will be 2 options either you stay and put your efforts to regain Your Desired Love or just leave the fuck out! ....It also depends on the person if its a girl then its really hard for her to forget the past #takestime❤ but if its a boy then you know boys verywell nowadays 😊😊😊😊

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How do u handle conflicts? 🎭

Everybody have their own style of handling conflicts. Like :
Some handle it aggressively!
Some handle it in a chuss way
Some handle it quite calmly!
But me 😅 i have so many conflicts in my life i simply ignore because jitna muu utni baat me logon k muu bnd ni kr sakta jo srf conflicts hi chahty hn i tried to shut their mouths but all i hear is "we dont want to hear you" its good to have enemies😗 in Life😉

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Our desi people, what the upcoming parents should do is jst teach the kids what’s in Quran and jst follow that not any shia or sunni statements and let them decide what’s best to choose

Its not about what's in Quran Its all about Determination of where we heading? In History Muslims where divided into 2 groups sunnis and shia's
(Sunni's) The Followers of Sahaba Karam
(Shia's) The Followers of Aylybyyt
We truly accept both but in a different way we accept sahaba only but More than that we accept Panjatan pak More and they are our idols too .. Remmber What Hazoor Pak s.a.w.w said " Logo ki nasal unky beto se shuru hoti hy lykin meri nasl meri beti Fatima (a.s) se shuru hogi " people Should know the Difference in Sahaba🌹 And Imams❤ .. Both are dear ones in front of Allah but darjaaat or maqqaaam k lihaz se Panjatan Pak ❤

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+1 answer in: “Manipulative statement? 🌪”

Manipulative statement? 🌪

Manipulative statements born through parents .. It could be related to personal life , Shia's , financial power of a person and about people .
My niece is in Olive tree school she is just 6 yrs old She was crying and she said to me that " Ali chachu ek larki mery sath bethti hy mjhy marti hy kehti hy ap shia kafir ho ap dozakh me jao gi ap mery sath kiu bethi ho etc etc " mtlb ye sub kahan sy seekhty hyn kon hoty hyn ye maa baap kia yahi Sikhaya jata hy bcho ko ??

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While the ahlulbayt were in prison,Yazeed ordered Imam Hussein (a.s)'s head to be sent to the dungeons Janabe Sakina after receiving the head of her fatherseeshim in adream, in her dreamHe tellsthat he will be here soon. She wakes up searching for him but, realizes he is gone.Sakina was silent for a long time lying with the head.Imam Sajjad a.s noticed and went to her to feel her forehead. It was cold. It was one of the toughest times for our Imam to declare that her 4 year old sister had passed away in the dungeons of Syria on 13 safar ..
My point is Muharram srf 10 tak ni hota .. Every muslim should know that #respect

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زندگی کے امتحان اتنے کٹھن کیوں ہوتے ہیں جبکہ اللہ اپنے بندوں سے 70 ماؤں سے زیادہ پیار کرتا ہے۔

Aqsa Bint E Javed
This world is Mortal ...
This world is a test ...
This world is hell ...
Beshak Allah apny bndo se 70 mothers se ziada piyar krta hy but agr Allah 70 mothers ka piyar isi dunia me de dy tow there will be no paradise .. Allah Ny humain azmaish k liay hi bnaya hy ! #Fact

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