Ask @Aleemze:

Do you regret something ?

I had a very close friend named Tania 3/4 years back. We were really close good friends, i mean she used to call text me almost every hour and it never used to annoy me at all. She was so friendly she used to care so much, she was always there when i wanted someone she never asked me for anything in return. She proposed me in front of her whole family but i always thought of her as my really really good and close friend. She just made sure i am fine 24x7. She was really sweeet and probably the sweetest girl ive ever known but then i got in a relationship with a girl ( my ex ) and i had to break that friendship which i never wanted to. I removed her from everywhere. Those two years friendship went away within a blink of an eye. It really felt bad.
The real story starts here in 2014:
Last year i wanted to re-connect with her so i tried searching almost everywhere to find her i event sent her a facebook message saying ' Shaadi Hogai ? ' but no reply i kept finding her for a month or two until i contacted someone who probably knew where she is and he told me she passed away. Well no way i could believe him on this it never sounded as the truth. I went and asked her sister as her whole family knew me well, and then she told me she passed away due to lung cancer and boom! I never felt more bad in my life than i felt that day, i mean why did i even remove her in the first place?. Something i'll always regret & something which'll always hurt me. I still have her number and all the memories. I wish i could get a chance to talk to her for once atleast i still dont believe that shes no more. Just no, she passed away just after 4 months we stopped talking and i got to know this news after an year. Sucks
Lesson: Never let people go away from your life you never know if they will be with you tomorrow or no. Enjoy the moments with them because they might become memories tomorrow. Just never make this mistake..

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