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A question from you people. I couldn't restrain whether I did right or wrong. Kal aik patient aaya. He said k mene kafi bachon ko physically abuse kia hai. Or khud bhe victim reh chuka hn s abuse ka. Writing it shortly in shout-out. I wrote some meds but personally I hated him inside. Thoughts?

It is your right to hate him, q k pehla impression bhi yehi hai but Ma'am:
1- Nafrat insan sai nahi burayi sai krni chahiyay q k insan koi buraa nahi hota
2- Us shks k liyay hidayat ki dua krni chahiyay aur jo us zulm k shikar mazlum hain unkay liyay Allah ki madad, humain nahi pta kb kis trha kis halat mai kis ko hidayat ajae.
Also I read somewhere, where a philanthropist referred it in most accurate words; "God creates out of nothing. Wonderful you say. Yes, to be sure, but he does what is still more wonderful: he makes saints out of sinners."

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khak_saar’s Profile Photoخاکسار
So here is something I wrote again either would be beautiful or other way round:
Dehydrated veins and all they contain are your memory stains running like rodents around the brain.
Struggling with remaining pure and letting go of all the agony that was gained from a sprained heart in pain.
Broken dreams flared up the flame with the hurricane in the soul's pain-soaked head, which was genuinely insane and was just to abstain.
All the complain was to ascertain the fact which briefly explained that this soul inhaled vervain and unchained all the pain to retain the effort resultant from the bargain against climbing this mundane mountain.
To not distain all the journey in vain!!!

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Sagittarius28’s Profile Photoف ر ا ز ع ا م ر
ہم بھی عشق کے اشاروں میں آگئے
پارسا تھے ہم گنہگاروں میں آگئے
ہم کرکے وفا حضور گنہگار ٹھرے
وہ کرکے جفا وفاداروں میں آگئے
ہم تھے تیری یاد تھی اور تنہائی تھی
پھر کچھ یوں ہوا لوگ قطاروں میں آگئے
پھر خود ہی میت کو کنارے پر آنا پڑا
جب ڈبونے والے سہاروں میں آگئے
پھر آیا تھا کوئی مجنوں دیدارِ لیلیٰ کو
پھر کچھ لوگ اٹھاۓ پتھر بازاروں میں آگئے
ذرا دیکھ ہم بھی کتنے نادان ہیں چمن
جلا گلستان لے کے بہاروں میں آگئے

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deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Just Randomly Opened Instagram at this hour & went through Rumi's quotation for which I ended up digging few more references for which I concluded up this:
انسان کا دل اور نظر قابو میں نا ہوں تو وسوسے پیدا ہوتے ہیں (جلال الدین رومی)
Isi liyay Quran nai parday ka hukam mrd aur aurat dono ko diya hai!!! (Al Ahzab: Ayat 35)
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