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Post anything heart-touching...

❤️ Triphosphate ❤️
امید کبھی مت ہارنا، بہتر وقت کا انتظار کرنا
اسکے فیصلے پہ خوش رہنا تم میرے لئیے خدا کو خفا نہ کرنا~
میں ساتھ رہوں یا نہ رہوں، تم مجھے خود سے جدا نہ کرنا
کبھی جو یاد ستائے میری، تو بس میرے حق میں دعا کرنا~

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Aren't we all a mere display of disappointment, to someone or atleast one? It doesn't matter what cost your heart, what breaks you, what broke you.... One last time...try to forgive.... it's hard, but it certainly worthy for someone's repentance.. Live long....

We are never disappointed with people we think little of, those who disappoint us are thus by definition of importance to us.But still forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.✨💯

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