Ask @alejandrra_:

What's the best advice your father ever gave you ?

There is not a Thing in this world that Doesnot have a Solution.
Except death. "
Idont know why but out of all the things he has said to me this marked me deep bc i was in a really bad place in my life when he said those words it made a lot of sence . I hope to never feel that way ever again.

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Post your most favourite lyrics?

Apareciste en el peor momento de mi vida, me rescataste
Tú me aliviaste este dolor que me atormenta el corazón
Me devolviste las ganas, ya yo no amaba
En nadie confiaba, a nadie miraba
Hasta que te encontré, y de nuevo me enamoré
Eres el ángel qué me sacó de adentro ese demonio
Me calmaste el odio, ya no me agobio'

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