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Tbh; your eyes, braces, hair, face and ugh you're perfection :,) . You're really nice and always laughing and smiling and being cute and it just makes me happy :) ahah at the hockey games i just sit there and wish i looked like you . You are lovely

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awwww thanks Capri, you're waay too nice :) you're just as cute yourself!

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Tbh- You're insane, but i dont have to tell you cuz you know it. your craziness is the #1thing I admire about you. You definitely have the biggest balls in all of GSS, so protect those fuckers!! :)

hahahaha oh my god.
thanks whoever this is haha
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Tbh; I actually love you so much. Hahahaha you're the absolute funniest , craziest kid around, & partying with you is the best. You're fantastic. & so is your black eye. So lucky to have the best wifeeee ❤️

aahhh I Iove you jasmine <3


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