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Alex Ernst
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You are such a clever funny guy! Who's your comedic inspiration? Btw let's get dinner❤

i don't think i have any comedic inspirations, i think i am just that good lol

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What's your real height? :P Xoxo

Renske Ernst

6 foot 2 might be a little taller or shorter idk tbh lol

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How Much don't you weigh?

1 pound (i lied in my last question)

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How much do you weigh?

1 pound

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Will you answer this question ? Love you're vines btw 😂


i guess i will answer?

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Who are you thinking about atm?!?!?!?

thinking about who asked this question lol

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you're dope


you too haha

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u have instagram?

yup my user is ernst

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Are you an actor on David's Vlogs™

yes basically i guess lol

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do u have a snapchat?

j e s s i e ❤️

yes :) it's alexernst

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I love ur vines😂🏻

thanks fam

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Would you rather be a lonely genius, or a sociable idiot?

lonely genius

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How are you ?

good! how are you?

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Are u sleeping now


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Do you like playing video games?????

modern warfare 2 is the best game of all time

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Will you answer this question?

yeah i think...

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have u account on facebook

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What's your height?


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what is your favorite movie


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"Hello, it's me...."" 🎤

mic? this is mic? well hey mic

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Hi there! How would you describe love?

it's hard to describe something i've never experienced lol

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you're my real dad


probably am

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