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What city do you live in?

I wish I lied in LA with him but I live in a small town that only like .000000000001% of the people living today know about so yeah:)
What city do you live in

How did you meet your best friend?

well I have a couple.
Taylor- we met at 18 months bc of our parents.
kacee- 5th grade I was in her class
maddie- One day in school there was a bug on the computer screen and it kept going from mine to hers and so that night I tweeted her about it and she has no idea who I was bc my @ name had
nothing to do with my own name.
Natalie- through Instagram and twitter and we had this stupid fan page for eben and it was dumb and yeah she knows everything about me and so do the rest of these girls but idk Natalie just gets me bc we've been through a lot of the same stuff... so yeah. I love you all
but yeah still gotta add one of my boys in here
How did you meet your best friend


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