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You say no a lot on here but you don't say no to drugz....


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First letter of name or the class u have with him

Give me a clue on the person u like

I misss you soo muchh girlfriendddd

Alexas Burnett
i miss you too girl! text me sometime!

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who ?!

i'm not gonna tell everyone on ask lmao

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who do u like


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How did you make your first money?

i'm a stripper

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Is your hair brown still


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What is your attitude towards cannibals?

I was Jw I'm a girl and I thought you were really pretty so I wanted to ask

oh.. thanks?

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Are you bi

no, so whoever's saying i am can stop. ty

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opinion on crystalee?

she's pretty but we don't really talk

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Why'd you put ask anonymously back on?

bc i can

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What shoes did you wear today?

flip flops

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ashley marie?❤

Ashley Marie
love her even though we started so much drama

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marquis alston?

you guys are so cute omfg but i haven't seen him in a while

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Opinion on ruby?

i love her & she's so funny n pretty

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