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How was ntu open house tdy?

I can't really give a good judgement cause I didn't stay that long. May go again tomorrow if I have the time. But it look pretty happening haha.
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Hey Alex! All the best for your uni application, I hope you get the course you want! And congrats on conquering A levels!! :)

Thank you :) I hope you did well too!!

I'm really glad and happy that you've found a place for yourself. I'm glad. ha ha.

Huh what place? Haha

I'm only starting work next year too! Anyway Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas :) (sorry, emoji didn't come out just now haha)

Hi Alex! How's your holidays so far? Are you working? :)

Hello haha. Holidays are fine so far. Nope, not working yet. I'll get a job next year haha. Yourself?

What is one thing you're excited about doing after A's?

Going to Japan with my friends (provided that my enlistment date is in like April).

have you thought of adopting a dog anytime soon? there's a lot of dogs in spca that needs a home :(

I'll probably get one after my A's but I'd really like a Corgi (and adopting one is near impossible in Singapore )

That's cool, I'm not a big fan but I do enjoy listening to his music. It puts me in a good mood all the time haha. My personal fav is Daughters! What other musicians do you like? :)

Question: are you someone from IJ hahahah.
WELL, I like:
Taylor Swift (not ashamed)
Ed Sheeran
30 Seconds to Mars
Maroon 5
Bruno Mars
Dream Theater
... And many more that I cannot think of atm haha

I see that you're a fan of John Mayer mm what other songs of his do you like?

Um, here are some of my favorites:
No Such Thing
Waiting on the World to Change
Half of my Heart (both the Grammys and original versions)
Heartbreak Warfare
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Heart of Life
Bigger than my Body
Don't (collaboration with Ed Sheeran)
You (whoever you are) should have a listen to these haha.

You're gonna be fine! Don't worry too much and have faith in yourself! Goodnight!

Haha you're sweet. Goodnight.

Hey! Hope you're not too stressed out by studying. Hang in there it's gonna be over real soon :) 💪🏻

Haha I really am. Thanks for the concern though.


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