Ask @alexmiskov:

If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

sincerely, kaitlyn
I didn't really have parents like that, my dad was an alcoholic and beat my mom and and went his own path, my mom thought that it was a good idea to leave and start a new fam and run away and wasn't there much. I had to raise myself, lived homeless and had to do everything from scratch by myself. Was in a weird coty had no friends, no fam, no work, no car, no license, no nothing, I didn't do drugs but had to find some shortcuts to get somewhere. I did make it though, I did it on my own. ☺️ It's a dark world out there, you'll see people's shallowness, which makes sense cause they don't know how to help or respond to that situation and will be judgemental because of where you are at.. But, if I can do it, then a bum or a person that's living in a similar situation can do it too.. 😉

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