Ask @aliaali75:

What frustrates you the most?

The day I try my best to take care and not hurt myself, that day someone else will feel it obligatory to cause me some sort of intense pain.
Let’s not talk about what some people said to me today, but instead mention this adult guy who thought recklessly speeding with his shopping trolley like he was 5 was a good idea. Came and flattened me straight with the trolley, and left my arm and back bruised af. One half hearted sorry and he zoomed away, didn’t look back once to see how that person he knocked down is embarrassed, crying, humiliated in public.. lying on the ground like a total piece of trash.

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Date someone that loves YOU? OR Date someone that YOU Love? ❤️😌🤔

Well ....I think there needs to be love from both sides, but if it’s just these options then I guess it would have to be, date someone that loves me. I wouldn’t want to force a date on someone just because I like them, they might be like 🙄wtf
Atleast if I know they adore me, then I can work on it and eventually fall in love.
Ajeeb hai, raat ko Es tara kay question.. I have a headache 😭
The other side of me is like....
what is love? Are you dumb 🌚

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