Ask @alicecorinna:

happy birthday. how did you celebrate your day?

This year's birthday is different. I guess this just isn't my year. I know it's supposed to be a coming of age, a milestone, something that must be marked. But I understand that I can't be happy all the time. If there is a loneliest birthday, this was it.
But thanks for the greeting. :)

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how's your studies?

I'm done with my fourth semester. I'm on my third year next year, hopefully without any failed subjects. I tried to focus on my studies, even with a heavy heart. I'm anxious about the results now but I won't know how I fared until I enrol by late July or early August. Law school is very fulfilling, but it is equally difficult esp if one's time is divided between school and work, as in my case. The trick really is to adjust, find the best time to study during the day (or night) and keep distractions at bay as much as possible. That's easier said than done but there's no other way. As they say, there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.

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You're so old already, why aren't you married yet?

Hahaha. Well, firstly, getting married is not a decision you make on your own, it takes two to mango, I mean tango. :P Second, at my age, I'd like to think of it as an event that happens with spontaneity, something that doesn't or shouldn't require too much planning. So why am I not married yet? That's for the Universe to answer, not me. I am just waiting. :D

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