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Yo munster, how is Saketai? I know he's alive but we haven't heard from him in a while out here! I want to hear the man talk!

jcbten’s Profile PhotoJerico Charles
Unfortunately, gagged men don't speak. His fingers work though, so hit him up at @saketai and befriend him if you'd like. Be nice!
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So, fault is the game series, and Alice in Dissonance is the group... What's Project Written?

Stick around and you'll find out eventually! Keep an eye on which games we release are under PW and which games are not for interesting clues.
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Vilserio! Any chance we'll get official Steam avatars? My page is all decked out with fault, including both tier-5 badges and the foil badges, but I'm loathe to use unofficial or fan art, especially since I'm not skilled enough to make my own.

WuYiXiang’s Profile PhotoJonathan Wu
Ah that's an interesting idea. Thanks for the input, we'll put it in our pipeline somewhere!

Hiya! You don't have to reply to this. It's not even a question. I just wanted to let you guys know that I find it amusing how the two big personalities in AiD have this contrast of happy and caring versus grumpy and sarcastic. fault is an interesting creation in that respect.

Oh heavens no. Please worry not as no one is happy on our team. We just have roles we play in public for PR purposes. 😏😏
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Hey! I just wanted to let you guys know that Ritona really assisted me in my journey to self-discovery, since she made me realize I was gayer than I originally anticipated. So from the bottom of my heart, thanks for that! :^)

Our games are designed to raise your QoL in any shape or form.
Glad it succeeded to do so.
Best wishes, Munisix

Viss Muni! Why Rudo didn't give Selphine and Ritona some sediments so that they don't need to buy them in store?

KINOSITAKAEDE’s Profile Photo稲穂楓
This wasn't elaborated in the game but in order to use sediments, they need to be unwound /decrypted. If you recall, the sediments that they sold in Kadia were machine tied hence too fiddly to decrypt. They were more jewelry than anything and were not made for practical use.

Viss Muni! By playing through the fault series, I believe that you have a board, delicate and gentle heart. I wonder if you are interested in some kids animations(子供番組) like Precure(プリキュア) series?

KINOSITAKAEDE’s Profile Photo稲穂楓
> By playing through the fault series, I believe that you have a board
You noticed eh? Yeah.. the doctor told me my heart is too squishy, soft, and pumps blood too gently. It's supposedly a disease.
> I wonder if you are interested in some kids animations(子供番組) like Precure(プリキュア) series?
I watch family friendly entertainment all the time, but I do not watch Precure. I generally don't watch anime anymore.

Viss Muni! I really admire the detailed and intricacies settings of the fault series including manakravtes, languages, geographies, histories and cultures. Did you create these settings all by yourself? How much effort have you put into completing the settings?

KINOSITAKAEDE’s Profile Photo稲穂楓
>I really admire the detailed and intricacies ...
Hey thanks a bunch, that really means a lot.
> Did you create these settings all by yourself?
Pretty much, yeah.
>How much effort have you put into completing the settings?
The past... 6-7 years I suppose? Since it's been an on going thing for a while now, after all although most of the planning was done in a few months prior to milestone one.
Hope that helped!
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Viss Muni! Do you check the steam reviews of fault series regularly? How do you feel about those reviews?

KINOSITAKAEDE’s Profile Photo稲穂楓
I use to but not as much anymore. I don't have much of an opinion about the reviews either because they all pretty much say the same thing; overwhelming majority of people loved/enjoyed it, a minority didn't.
Sorry for the rather boring answer =P
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Have a nice day, Munisix. My apologies for that probably silly question. It is possible to become a doublekravter not in the Rughzenhaide? For example, in Kielgar?

The kravters ranking system is an Alliance wide thing so it's not specific to Rughzenhaide. Ranks are honored in all countries.

What is good morning, good afternoon, and good evening in fault?

Good morning
Vischel Vikorleh (Viss-chel Vai-core-lay)
Good afternoon
Vischel Azmada (Viss-chel Az-maa-da)
Good evening
Vischel Vostoro (Viss-chel Vos-Tore-oh)

Does munisix take input from the other members of AiD on writing, say, dialouge/minor plot points?

I write, then we discuss if certain things feel awkward or forced or rushed or whatever and I fix. That's pretty much how the story is so it's not like the team comes to me with ideas of who should say what or when things should happen.
It wasn't designed to be this way anything, it's just how it's been so far.
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What kind of a steps should a newbie take in order to create a VN? When should they start looking for help in the project?

First and foremost figure out what you are trying to accomplish. Why are you writing a visual novel? Is this for fun or are you planning on selling it seriously? Is there a story you want to tell? If so are you gonna be the writer? Can you draw? Are you satisfied with your art enough to use it in your game? What are you expecting out of this VN once its complete? Does it even need to be a visual novel?
Basically, evaluate the assets (your own talent, funding, friends/connections, etc) you have access to and if you think you can do it all on your own just get started. If not, get started anyway and find people as you're working.
Honestly, straight up VNs have a pretty low barrier of entry when it comes to making games so if you're at all serious about it just get started and don't stop till you're done.

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Now that you've created two VN and are working on a third, what do wish you could go back and do differently with MS1 and starting up AiD?

Starting up AiD, I honestly don't know.
It's a pretty long story how ALICE IN DISSONANCE came to be and I often think about how if just ONE thing didn't align correctly nothing would have worked out. It may not seem like it from the outside since we're not too active on social media (asides from maybe Discord) but things are moving so insanely fast within the group that even after all these years I'm still not at a point where I can have conviction in hindsight. I mean.. for a group that's only released 1.5 games so far we're doing pretty okay so far. Ask me again in a few years.
Cut a lot of the fat off, especially in the first 10 minutes. Asides from that not much. Not saying I'm 100% happy with it (I don't think that's ever possible) but I learned a lot from all the mistakes I made so wouldn't do anything differently.

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Hiya muni! Quick question. How would you describe your writing style?

You know those cheap wind up cars that are made to go straight till it bumps into shit till it does some crazy flip and roars into random directions till its juice is gone?
Whatever the equivalent of that is probably accurate.
I've heard people describe my writing on a spectrum from "atrocious", "boring", "amateur" all the way up to "pretty okay", "rurune is best rune" and sometimes even "minimally thought provoking" (whatever that means)?
I call just simply call it "thanks for the purchase".
You know, Eazy-E style.
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Thanks for answering my earlier question about the StP site, I've got another product one. I saw the PSVita is getting new rescored music, will Steam users be receiving products with that kind of stuff? I'd love to purchase that album. And StP. And all the art. Yum.

Rei Miyuki
Once the Sony exclusive period ends we will definitely release it on Steam in some sort of fashion. Right now, doing a DLC seems to be the most prudent option but we are exploring other methods.
Also, sorry for the late response!

So, i just read this about the "remastered version" of Fault 1: "Only then it will hit Steam and it will most likely not be free.". Will you offer upgrade options at least? I buy fault day one for both instalments. So i feel a little "betrayed" to be honest

Alrighty, let's clear up some of the misunderstandings that's going on here. First of all, it's not a "remastered" version, it's a complete remake in a different engine for the PlayStation Store. This build will be exclusive to the PS Store for set amount of time (there's very little we can do about this). After the exclusivity ends It /will/ eventually hit Steam but it won't be free because in all fairness, aside from the story, it's a completely new game.
When it does come to Steam, it will probably be DLC to the original game as "The PlayStation Version" and if we do this, it certainly will not be at full price but I'm also quite sure it won't be for free because we spent hundreds of man hours making it. We're also conversing about the method of release over at our Discord server in how this release should go about, and some have suggested, like yourself, an upgrade option that will replace the current version on Steam. This might be interesting too once we figure out the logistics of it.
All this being said, one of this is set in stone yet so don't quite feel "betrayed" yet.
Hope this clears things up a bit.

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In ms2a, when Rune confronts Rhegan about meddling in Sol/Mil's affairs, Rhegan mentions the "rules of contact". Is that something akin to the "Prime Directive", or just an interesting localization choice?

Right on the money. That is indeed a homage to the Prime Directive. We should grab a drink sometime.


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