I didn't see any info (or at least an ask) but what's the origin/story behind the name, Alice in Dissonance?

This is one of those questions where I feel like I can't answer too throughly for the fear of sounding pretentious... but hey. You asked.
I've always subconsciously associated the name "Alice" with curiosity, innocence, and adventure, most likely because of Lewis Carroll's obvious classic "Alice in Wonderland". Not that big a fan of the story itself per say but I've always liked the name and wanted to use it somewhere. I also like strong contrast. Sad and happy at the same time, cute and but creepy, angry and calm, etc.
ALICE IN DISSONANCE is that moment your innocence and sense of wonder starts going grey because of a traumatic or shocking experience. That feeling when you grow extremely self-aware and realize that you're a tad bit less naive than you were just a moment ago. There is no despair or anger or hatred or disappointment. You are just In Dissonance. The logo was made with this idea in mind as well.
Most importantly though, it just sounds fucking cool.

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