Who will you date? If you were given a choice of choosing a female character from the Fault series and why?

Seriously? This is a thing/question? A thinguestion?
I don't write characters to be sexually/affectionately attractive (at least as the primary goal) so I honestly don't know. But since this is a hypothetical to begin with, let's go through it as a mental exercise.
It would probably be a miserable experience dating any of these girls though, at least for me.
Imagine Selphine being a more proper age. She's freaking Royalty with 9 generations of life experience and can mind dive to read your "pure memory" -- memories that you yourself may or may not remember. Imagine having an argument with someone like that. I don't want to get into too much detail because it should be saved for the games but just imagine that and imagine how she feels living everyday. No thank you.
Next let's think about Ritona, the genius Manakravter that at the age of 19 became a Royal Guardian -- the highest honorary occupation that you can have in an entire Kingdom. Now let's think about me. A generally lazy putz that sits at his computer all day and answers ask.fm questions about dating fictional characters. Yeah, try feeling adequate next to Ritona.
Rune - Bulldozer with a brain that designed a battery that can self sustain itself by consuming organic materials. Rune built her own battery that's powering her and she did this at the age of NINE.
Melano - Hahahaha.
Koko - Shes... like 10.
Mharie - See above.
Sian - Maybe most realistic? But not much has been said about her in the games so I'm not gonna discuss it here.
Look, I'm writing these characters to be women/girls that can be looked up to by a general audience, male or female. Strong female characters that can more than adequately do what shounen's do in shounen-mangas. Western audiences probably don't know but fault is advertised over here as a "Seinen-manga toned Shounen-manga done by girls". They're not here to be cute and lovely, they're here to be gritty and hopefully "cool" more than anything else. At least that's what I always try to not forget when I write anything fault related.
So yeah there's your answer? I guess? Oh Rune's mom probably would have been a nice person to date if she in fact was that wholesome of a person depicted in MS1. Yeah, let's go with her.

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