What is the process for character design and background/CG creation like? Do you go through many prototypes, use thumbnails to plot it out, etc? Does Munisix write descriptions of characters' looks to base the design on, or does Hare make up the designs on her own?

I (Munisix) rarely give out design specifications anymore. I use to in the beginning but we found a good rhythm to not get in each others ways. Things generally turn out better when I keep my mouth shut and just let her do her thing. These days I come up with the personality and function of the characters and Hare-san designs accordingly. Same thing with the backgrounds. Story comes first, culture and function usually comes second, and then the visual design that compliments the world follows.
We do go through many prototypes. Some people turn into other characters. Some clothes get reused on new characters. We share a lot of this over on our Patreon so if you are really interested, please consider joining.

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