Hi, I'm making a Wikia for the fault series. Could you tell me whether Sanne-Ajrizdia is the name of the island Rughzenhaide is on or whether it is some other geographical name?

Ah hello. Since this data is going towards a good cause, let's throw in some brand spankin' new data from SILENCE THE PEDANT too shall we?
Sanne-Ajrizda is the name of the continent where Rughzenhaide and the Alliance reside. The Alliance Kingdoms are as follows: Suegden, Ruidewan, Vhastoralkat, Kielgar, Rodojyu, and Morgeish. The South East island that looks like a Mcnugget is Schezt-karlien (Schezt for short and they are not a part of the Alliance) and is split between North Schezt and South Schezt kind of like Korea. The huge continent to the East is known as the "Union Territories" and only a fraction of the land is known to the people of Sanne-Ajrizda.
Also... this is how you pronounce these countries... Lets do this once and for all so people have an official reference.
Sanne-Ajrizda : San Ariz-da、サンアリズタ
Rughzenhaide: Roo-zen-hide、ルゼンハイド
Vhastoralkat: Vas-tor-al-kat、(正)ヴァストアルカ/(訛)バーストアルカ
Suegdaine: Soog-dain 、(正)スグデン/(訛)スーグディェン
Ruidewan: Rude-wan、ルードワン
Kielgar : Keel-gar, キールガー
Rodojyu : Rodo-Jew、ロドジュ
Morgeish: More-Geesh、 モルギーシュ
Schezt-karlien: Shest-car-lin 、 シェストカーリン
As always, these are close phonetics and are not 100% accurate. This list is just a reference. You can call them whatever you'd like, just don't let the people of these country catch you butchering their Kingdoms name.

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