Assume your IP grows into something big. What further improvements to fault (or any different IP) would you make with all that extra moolah?

Shortening production cycle by hiring capable creators so we can massively restructure our workflow. I have like 4 more IP ideas that aren't fault that I want to make a reality before I die... But it's gonna take forever to get to them at this pace. I'd love to be able to hire writers at some point to parallel produce stories of fault from different parts of that world too. So so many things I want to do...
If you're talking about fluff that's not too crucial (to me at least) voice acting maybe? As cool as VA is, and all the street credit we'll probably get, that's definately not too high on the list at the moment though.
Silence the Pedant is turning out to be pretty close to what I think is the best way to present my vision of fault ... I can't really think of what if want to add to it. I'm sure I'll probably think of something after we are done making it though.
A 3D VR recreation of Rughzenhaide would be super awesome too. It will be like Whiterun of Skyrim but way bigger and more detailed since it's focused on 1 area. You don't really do much in it. Just walk around and experience the culture over there, meet people. Maybe see Selphine and Ritona walking around in the distance and you can hear the good around you freaking out that they saw the princess. Good lord, that would be freaking awesome.

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