So I've got a few questions, what's a normal work day like for you. Do you spend most of your time thinking or are you glued to your screen typing away? Do you make quick jots and outlines for your ideas? I know making a story can be pretty chaotic, jumping around, how do you organize everything?

Every day is pretty drastically different.. which is really unfortunate in a "get shit done" sense because there should be more structure. Thinking is something that happens all the time so there rarely is any "thinking time" block. As for writing... I have a wall in my room where huge pieces of crafting paper cover like 90% of it. Anytime I get an idea I write on this wall. Even if I jot notes down on my phone, I'll later write it on this wall if I think it would make it into some story later. Things stick better this way and you also have the benefit of looking like an insane person when you invite people over.
Most of my writing ideas that connect the dots come to me as I write. Many things aren't premeditated, like for instance, Sol never had a sister in the first draft of ms2a or Eline never existed in the first pass of ms1, both characters that became extremely important parts of the story. Hare-san has made peace with the way I write... as extremely minor characters all of a sudden become main characters.
Hare: "You told me you only need 1 body and a few faces for this character because he was just a mob!?"
Me: "Yeah but wouldn't it be cool if this character all of a sudden did xxxx and became a major plot point in the story!? No body would be expecting that, because even I didn't expect it!!"
I don't recommend this style though... unless you have a very understanding artist.
Asides from that, lately I've been managing and directing stuff more than writing and this side of work is starting to get overwhelming.... orz We need to get someone that can handle all this so I can focus more on writing, but this probably isn't the best place to complain about stuff like this.

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