Was Rune originally a boy? (Looking at the image in the concept art)

Yes and no.
I wrote her as a girl but Hare-san and I barely knew each other this point and obvious points didn't get across to each other. She had her own interpretations of Rune (being a dude) but when I told her that Rune was a girl, she had to scrap everything and draw something new. Her original interpretation lingered though.
My version of Rune was a lot more girly and she was wearing a skirt, long hair, black hair and bangs cut horizontal straight like Irufa from TH2. When Hare-san drew Rune with the pigtails and pants I didn't know what to think at the time but holy shit, am I glad that I went with her look. Rune's look has a very specific purpose now and I'm very glad we went with Hare-sans idea rather than mine.

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