What was the original draft of fault like?

It was basically "Tales of Anastasia". Some dude came up with: "A princess gets shooed out of her kingdom by the evil Meano (yes, Meano, not Melano) and they have to battle at the end to get the Kingdom back". That was pretty much it. He made characters like... "thief thats a gambler, a sommelier that likes wine, a 63 year old doctor that looks 20 because she keeps herself looking young by magic medicine (because god forbid women age in video games right, Gust?), a fairy that likes flowers, an elf that was an assassin"
....Yeah, pretty eye rolling stuff. There were vampires and bunnies and cat girls and scorpion women and just... you know, very kooky for the sake of kooky JPRG shit where things don't need to make much sense as long as there's a bunch of girls. All of this was fine and dandy but there was 1 problem: I was the writer and I couldn't see straight because my eyes were rolled too far back into my skull. I suggested we take a more realistic approach by shaping the whole thing more as science fiction.
He disappeared after that.
Few years later when I moved to Japan, I decided my first game would be "fantasy" (this was decided by a coin flip btw. If that coin landed on the other side I would have worked on a more traditional science fiction story, never met Hare-san that was looking for fantasy work, and possibly never get picked up by Sekai Project) so I took the old idea, added Ritona as Selphine's guard as a start, spent about half a year just world building and the foundation of what you know as "fault" was born.
So yeah. The seed of fault has been around for a while.

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