Can any of the girls in the main trio sing? If so, how well do they sing? An odd question, but I just thought it would be interesting to find out!

Let's make this a special one. Say... an exclusive answer.
Ritona wants to sing but she can't. Terrible singer. Selphine can sing normally. Rune I have no idea, I've never heard her sing.
Selphine's mother, Selah Rughzenahide was on her way to become a Songkraveter when she was younger. Long story short, she had a lot of talent but marrying Valah and giving birth to Selphine took priority and she had to give up on her dream of singing for the troops (please don't ask about the function of Songkravting now, its too much to explain and should be experienced in the game itself.)
Selphine's name comes from here. Valah suggested to name his and Selah's daughter, Selphine. "Phine (fee-nay)" is an old Sanne Ajrizda word that stood for "sound" which was also synonymously used for "music" way way back in the day (phine is no longer used this way anymore, hence why it's called "Songkravting" rather than "Phinekravting").
So Selphine = Selah's Song / Selah's Music.
There's a touching story in there somewhere but with how everything is laid out .... I'm not sure where to add it in canon since this is even before StP. If I succeed somewhere down the line then hey, you heard it here folks.

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