Is there a full list of English words translated into foreign language from the fault world?

I have a complied list of Sanne Ajrizda to Japanese and from Japanese I've translated it into English. This is something I haven't released to the public yet. Sanne Ajrizda is consistent throughout the series so try to decode it if you're interested =P
hint: capitalization of the same word means different things but is usually in the same bracket of emotion. this also means that words don't need to be capitalized when its at the beginning of a sentence. for example...
fallacy = 美しい/ beautiful
Fallacy = 愛,/love
And I'll give a section away from Modus Operandi:
Arn aChantil bilghe
Mana Fallacy Wyld
(Sing the song that's most loved by the mana of this world)
Good luck..

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