Umm... I want to try cast a manakravte, but I don't understand the explicit steps. What is commit, shift, blass doing?

It should be in the encyclopedia (or maybe not because our old translator may have just ognored the whole thing)
Shifting -- is when you move mana around you so it's easier for you to...
Commit -- mana, where you lock the mana that you've shifted so they don't drift away.
Synergy -- comes next to heighten the efficiency of any kravte with less fuel/mana and finally you
Bless -- which is a synonym for "casting" but less blasphemous. You don't "cast" a kravte, you "bless" it.
Some people can do this without mana, but those people are very rare so you might have a hard time replicating it here on Earth, especially without an instructor.
Be sure and drop us a line if you figure it out, though.

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