What kind of a steps should a newbie take in order to create a VN? When should they start looking for help in the project?

First and foremost figure out what you are trying to accomplish. Why are you writing a visual novel? Is this for fun or are you planning on selling it seriously? Is there a story you want to tell? If so are you gonna be the writer? Can you draw? Are you satisfied with your art enough to use it in your game? What are you expecting out of this VN once its complete? Does it even need to be a visual novel?
Basically, evaluate the assets (your own talent, funding, friends/connections, etc) you have access to and if you think you can do it all on your own just get started. If not, get started anyway and find people as you're working.
Honestly, straight up VNs have a pretty low barrier of entry when it comes to making games so if you're at all serious about it just get started and don't stop till you're done.

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