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What kind of place do you think is ideal for the first date? Why do you think so?

The movies 'cause you'll know if that person really likes you when they'd rather watch you instead of the movie😛😊

Or maybe it's because confederation didn't give a flying fuck about anything

No lol I get no fucking work in physics class😂 I have to wait for the dumb people to catch up. In French we had like 5 things that were marked. I studied on my test last week and got a 95-100. The test before I got a 3+ because I didn't study and then we had a video project which me and my team did shit on and got a 2+. In English we only got 2 things marked and I got a 4 and a 4-. And idrc about my note in gym tbh

Classes you're doing best in this semester in order?

Physics - 94
English - not sure but between 87-94
French - I didn't try this year so I went down from 93 last year to a 79 :(
Gym - 82 for some reason
We barely get work that's worth marks at this school😷😷
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Why didn't you get presents then

Because my family doesn't really celebrate Christmas that much. We just went out for dinner together😛 I'm buying my own Christmas present😉
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