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Aap ki zindagi ka sb sy bara sabaq kia hai?

EzraB99’s Profile PhotoEzra Batool
Jo apse unchy hain wo apne apko jitna merzi humble zahir krien ! Unki soch or unky act apko yhi zahir krwaien gy ke ap keery hain unky samne , so the lesson is ALLAH esi unchai se bachae or agr unchai dy tu ese zarf se bachae , AMEEN
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Post Something Positive 🌻

roshsmile’s Profile PhotoMisba T. Awan
It's all about zarf ! We live in era where everyone is destructive, we need to make our heart bigger and understand every situation in a positive manner , accept them wisely and move on with peacefully and try to maintain peace for others as well as for ourselves


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