Ask @alishba_264:

Why does everyone always prefer their mom side of the family?

Mian Waqar Younis
cuz she is the one who left her home, her fam for her husband, a husband whom she accepted cuz he was chosen by Allah for her.
maybe she is not the only one struggling upon her kids but shes the one ready to compromise and sacrifice at any point for her kids.
ps. a mothers affection is way more stronger than that of fathers'.
even it was once asked by Hazrat Muhammad SAW that whom shall i give more respect and honour to after Allah and Rasool Allah SAW, and Hazrat Muhammad SAW replied: "ur mother"
who next?
"ur mother"
who next?
"ur mother, and then ur father"
Hazrat Muhammad SAW further explained it well enuf, but mentioning her thrice really means something.
- so it wouldnt be insane if anyone prefers to be at their mothers side.

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