Ask @alisonchateau345320:

do you hate your life?

No I love it . I do not think there is a reason for someone to hate their life because if they don’t like their life they can change it is up to them. You can decide to stay there and hate life or change now and create your own reality it’s up to you. I believe nothing is impossible it is just your perspective on how things are. So anyone who is reading this, do not hate your life, change, create your own reality, view thing ms differently be positive that is my advice. Lot of love from me🙃 you can do it

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Hey! Tell me something fun about yourself ☺️

Jinan Montreuil
I have very weird habits and I do weird stuff.. One time me and my friends were bored so we took the metro and we went somewhere we didn’t know at all and we explore there, we got lost a lot but it was fun. Then that day we were all playing truth or dare then, my dare was to go someone and pretend I know them. This guy was with his girlfriend and I just came and I was like ‘hey, how are you do you want to hang out later I missed you’ he was so confused and my friend record the whole stuff. It was funny and awkward but I have no shame, I like to live my life fully with no regrets. Then I was at my friends house we had a sleepover, but they weren’t so happy about it. I am the only girl on the guy group. I made them wear face masks, I did their hair and painted their nails. We made a fort and at 3 am, we were dancing crazily, making videos and we are a lot. Then the day we all dress up in a costume to went out. 🙃

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