Ask @alittlemid:

Hey I have a question. How do you make your characters talk while hugging or standing ? I'm trying to make my own machinima but I can't if they won't talk while in some poses

The poses you are looking for are called Overlays. Using various overlays poses help, like the PoserBOX (you can find here)
There's also other pose mods that help you mess with the arm movement (try searching on google?) should be able to find it!
If you just need a regular posebox (most do not overlay) then it won't work and they'll just move out the pose.
Hope this helps!

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Based from the outro do you think alaina and kaiden will really end up together? Or will the series mess with our ships and everybody won't end up with anyone

I think there will be a lot of boundaries in the way, that if they are overcome, it's possible, but it's really up to them. Honestly, anything can happen !

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Hi Tashie! I was wondering when TBND will be out? I’ve been waiting and I’m super excited for it. I’m also a little bit confused with the characters. It would be nice if you could explain it a little. I also love OOF and Intertwined. Can’t wait for more episodes of those.

Hi there! TBND will be out at the end of Feburary! I'm sorry there is some confusion with the characters. Is there something specific if you want to know? Me and StarstoShinex could make a video and talk about the character's more? Thank you for the love <3! I hope to have OOF out soon :D

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