Ask @alittlemid:

Based from the outro do you think alaina and kaiden will really end up together? Or will the series mess with our ships and everybody won't end up with anyone

I think there will be a lot of boundaries in the way, that if they are overcome, it's possible, but it's really up to them. Honestly, anything can happen !

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Hi Tashie! I was wondering when TBND will be out? I’ve been waiting and I’m super excited for it. I’m also a little bit confused with the characters. It would be nice if you could explain it a little. I also love OOF and Intertwined. Can’t wait for more episodes of those.

Hi there! TBND will be out at the end of Feburary! I'm sorry there is some confusion with the characters. Is there something specific if you want to know? Me and StarstoShinex could make a video and talk about the character's more? Thank you for the love <3! I hope to have OOF out soon :D

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I wonder if there's a scene in OOF where emily and aiden can be seen in the background like some extras, makes you wonder if kadence and shawn ever met them behind the scenes. Anyhow, we all want to see your characters' relationships progress (and some cute baby daddies? hmmm)

That would be a cute little easter egg! And we definitely will see some character progress as the story goes on c;

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does emily, aiden and shawn and kadence live in the same neighborhood? I have a feeling though that alaina and the others from intertwined are from another neighborhood...

Game wise, no..they are all in a seperate neighborhoods BUT storyline wise, yeah, emily, aiden and shawn and kadence live in the same neighborhood c: . And yes, Kaiden and Alaina live else where!

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