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I miss playing Sims 2 sooo much. But my game seems to not work on my computer :( So I was wondering what specs you have and if I can somehow fix it by buying similar specs! Cause I'm craving to play Sims 2 again.. :(

Hi hi! I'm glad you are interested in playing Sims 2 again! The nostaglia is real haha. I have a desktop computer. Windows 10. My Processor is Intel i7. I also have 24 GB of RAM. Uhh Im not sure if theres anything else you need? Hope this helps!

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When will the next episode of out of focus be out? Sorry I don't need to bother you about this, I know your very busy. I understand if you can't answer this question

Hi! Thank you for your question ^-^! I am hoping the next episode of Out of Focus will be out early Novemeber! I do not have an exact date, but hopefully soon. I hope this helps :D

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Hey I have a question. How do you make your characters talk while hugging or standing ? I'm trying to make my own machinima but I can't if they won't talk while in some poses

The poses you are looking for are called Overlays. Using various overlays poses help, like the PoserBOX (you can find here)
There's also other pose mods that help you mess with the arm movement (try searching on google?) should be able to find it!
If you just need a regular posebox (most do not overlay) then it won't work and they'll just move out the pose.
Hope this helps!

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