Ask @alittlemid:

How do you pose the sims in your game? I'm just curious.

I use many many MANY different animation and poseboxes! Poseboxes allow you to direct your sims into positions you wouldn't otherwise see them in base game. So for example, if I want my sim to be hugging another sim in a STILL pose, I would find the appropriate posebox that contained a hug pose I liked and use it! Makes storytelling easier ^-^. Hope this helps!

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I miss playing Sims 2 sooo much. But my game seems to not work on my computer :( So I was wondering what specs you have and if I can somehow fix it by buying similar specs! Cause I'm craving to play Sims 2 again.. :(

Hi hi! I'm glad you are interested in playing Sims 2 again! The nostaglia is real haha. I have a desktop computer. Windows 10. My Processor is Intel i7. I also have 24 GB of RAM. Uhh Im not sure if theres anything else you need? Hope this helps!

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