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Can I suxk your toes like I sucked my moms nipples

Can you un.a.live yourself bc you're a disgusting pos whose life isn't worth living?

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You haven't considered going back with your ex husband? Why or why not?

No? Because i've moved on? Why would I want to go back to someone who cheated on me and treated me like shit, especially when i've been in a healthy, happy relationship and building a future with someone else for 8 months now. I deserve better than that.
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How come so many people answer their questions rudely? What’s the point in hating ask.fm if you are just going to be an asshole ?

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It depends on the question. Certain things warrant being an a.sshole imo, like harassment or spam. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if people who were rude towards actual genuine questions, were just taking their bad day or whatever out on the person sending the question

Why do you think a lot of people on the internet are secretive about certain things? Like they won't say what their *real* name is, where they live, what they look like, what their phone number is, or social media etc.

Are you seriously dumb enough to anonymously ask me why people want privacy and won't give you their personal information
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Do you think it’s inappropriate for an 11 year-old to wear pigtails?

Why are you sexualizing a child and a hairstyle....I think you asking this is inappropriate.
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What “forgotten” artist/s would you like to make a comeback? I’d like to see Jordin Sparks. Like what happened to her, she had some real hot hits thru mid and late 2000s then she totally vanished. Michelle Branch also.

Hmm cascada I guess? Idk if she's still around or not but I haven't heard anything from her since the early 2000s.

I told my lodgers/friends to please put the pillows correct on my sofa as they always leave blankets and pillows absolutely everywhere. She said no because she doesn’t care and she pays rent. But it’s my sofa and MY house. How do I get her to keep everything tidy?

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Have a talk about boundaries I suppose
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What are some of your current top songs on your playlist?

Feel Good Drag by Anberlin
Looks Like Hell by A Day To Remember
Lonely Day by System Of A Down
Change by Deftones
Savior by Rise Against
Normally i'm all Blackbear, Blink 182, bad Omens etc idk i'm just reeling something different lately.
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Have you ever tried the blueberry glazed biscuits at the bakery section in Publix ? So good but hard to find! Very few grocery stores have them

I haven't seen them but I don't really eat stuff like that either lol nope


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