Ask @alliyaaach:

Gimana cara lo ngilangin rasa sakit hati dan berhenti ngestalk mantan lg

When someone had disappointed me (not only x but also everyone) I think there's no other way aside from blocking them (either URL or IRL) because for me, every time I look at their face, rasanya sakit banget coi. Sementara gw orangnya overthinking banget and we both know it's unhealthy to overthink bad vibes like that. Heck, I deserve some peace too. So I think it's not an act of childishness.

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Bagaimana cara terlihat baik baik saja disaat kita sedang kacau?

Are you really seeking for answer to someone who cried hard while listening to Avril Lavigne's When You're Gone in the canteen & when my friend asked me "whose hoodie is it" while pointing to the hoodie from x that I brought to campus

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