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Why did you quit soccer?

because I suck now lol

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what does it mean when a girl flirts with me? i think she might like me but she is way out of my league so im not sure why she would like me.... and we flirt all the time

well first off 90% of the time guys mistake girls being nice as flirting

just tell her you like her and see if she feel the same ( also there's no such thing as someone "being out of your league" or someone being too good for someone unless that person is a jerk)

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If you could have dinner with any political figure, dead or alive, who would you pick?

john f kennedy <33333333 my celeb crush :-)

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Are u and jeff still dating? I dont really know you but you were kinda sad a few days ago and yiu switched your twit pic and i'm just looking out for you rylie.

yes we are still dating and are very very well:-) but thanks for looking out for me!

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U are so fricken adorable i love it and u play gba which makes me like u even more


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Would you rather have a guy write you a love note or a love poem?

note cause I feel like a poem would make me feel uncomfortable unless it was like a rap a rap would be cool

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2ablty 2bl keda nas min el internet w ba2o as7bak fi el real life?

you too

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you're perfect marry me please

if you are a girl I will fersure let's do this thang

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Do u have an Instagram?


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Do you think you're brave?

in the weirdest ways or situations I think I am

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R u mad the wild lost??

no I am very upset that the bruins lost

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Pap of your belly piercing

no why would I take the time to do that

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Any body piercings


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so do you think it's ok to be fingered at like 13 years of age

lol depends on the situation but hormones are usually crazy and confusing and insane and uncontrollable at that age so I don't blame you if you have had that happen

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I thought the same thing, as somebody said down there haha, I was like 'oh she must be a snotty rich popular girl' no. You are the sweetest thing! Nicer than some of the 'nice' people at my school, don't change!! <3

I love you sweetheart that made me so happy thank you!:) you don't change either:-)<3

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Do u have cute feet?

they are like a little family of toAds

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opinion on people younger than you who have "done stuff" sexually

I don't think it's bad unless you are havingsex before high school because that just isn't mentally good for you but I don't think besides that stuff is that bad

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AH I'm not that small!

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How do you stay so skinny? Do you workout a lot?

nooooooOOOOO I just try to eat good also my medical things I take pills for and the pills make it harder to gain weight

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where do you get your like sweatshirts? they're so cute

like which ones I usually get them from sports or thrift shop

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favorite 8th graders?

I like jace and Ben and idk none of the girls ever really talk to me but ken kap is a sweetie

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i follow you on twitter but you don't follow me back :'(

tell me who u are and I will follow you back

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What size jeans do you wear, I love all your clothes!

it depends where I get them from, I either wear 0-2

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If you invented a monster what would you call it?

chub monster it would be little cute and furry and like to cuddle and it would meow

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