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Most recent pic of you

I miss ya booty it fat


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How was your day


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What ya wearin


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So what are you doing td

I remember every time the song was on I'd text you that


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Lol It's the song where the line that goes "Allie will you marry me?"

You'll never guess what song came up on shuffle on music.

Yeah I probably won't your right

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Oh yeah you should prob do that

Yeah probably

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Get up for what

Take off my makeup

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Lol so wyd

Debating wether I should get up or not

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I just realized my names on none of those... 😑



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Yayyy we should totally hang out over the summer.


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Yeah me too lol

At least there's only 26 days of school left!

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You should sleep beautiful. :) that way tomorrow you'll be ready to go

I usually am sleeping by 9 and I'm stillllll tired🙁

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Me too.

I'm alwayssssss tired

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