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Have you ever knocked a girl out in a fight



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What song always makes you happy?

don't matter by akon

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Barefoot height and shoe size goddess?

Last time you got spanked

yesterday 😂 (good game)

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You're perfect


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I'm a full grown man and will never be taller than you, congrats on outgrowing my final height

shoe size

already answered this

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Ever get a smack as a kid for being naughty


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Two of the most beautiful girls on earth

Have you ever fallen in love with a person who is in another relationship?

Can I shrink down to 3 inches tall and become your personal foot massager/give you pedicures/paint your toenails/clean your feet?

Age and Shoe size?

14 & 10

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Would you say your parents are overprotective?

Have you ever gotten a sport physical if so what parts got examined

add me on snap: allyglasss

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Do you want any tattoos if so where at and do you want any piercings if so which ones

i'm getting my cartilage pierced in the beginning of May

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What body part do you wash first in the shower


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Have you ever done the salt and ice challenge if so was it on your stomach, arms, wrist, hands or legs


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How have you been


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Pale skin or tanned skin?


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Do you live in Canada

How would you react if you lost part of your leg

i would cry

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