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What magazine cover would you like to get on?

You are invited to Anastasia Amelia's recital concert! Come this saturday at auditorium purwacaraka music education center balekota mall. Open gate at 6.30! I'll be the guest star for this show so see y'all there hopefully :*

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PAP an artificial smile!

If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Well it's from "one piece" #killmenow

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Plis stop it gue receh omg ((bad tang))

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Thanks, but you didn't answer my question haha

Ohiya i guess ga ada pops... except for this young lex jokes which is everywhere rn

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Hello there, I've been off this thing for about 5 months. Any major drama/incident/newsworthy/juicy stuff that I've missed? Please update this kudet old bear 🐻 thanks

Paul Agusta


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ama yg puitis digombalin mulu dong bang?


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itu ambar nama twitternya d i h a t i m u banget?

Ya mau gimana lagi, namanya juga anak puitis

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suka gym gak?


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tingginya berapa vin?

Tinggi ku 175

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pap w/ ambay uy


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Masuk kayaknya, lupa dompet gue di rumah, hati di simpen doi, sisa otak, otak juga karatan gimana ya hidup tubuh macam kulit kacang tanpa isinya aku ingin menangis

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nama baptisnya christian?


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hallo davin

Hallo dengan siapa saya berbicara?

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PAP today

Hari ini trial unbk wish me luck yo

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Are you a fashionist/-a?

Olahraga aja harus milih baju yang pas.
Ga olahraga sih
Cuma mau foto foto aja emang
Itu bolanya aja minjem anak bocah menteng

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unchhh banget si sama ambar

Something annoying like this dibilang unch? Like literally gue lagi nyari spot buat selfie gitu, giliran nemu yang lighting nya pas, doi malah nyamperin terus ngegangguin mulu :')

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What is art to you?

Happy Valentine's Day! How are you going to spend it?

me, alisa, and aulia will be singing tonight at lotte shopping avenue, 6pm sharp.
Spend your white valentine with us, VOICOUSTIC

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gimana caranya jadi temen lu vin?

Just chat me anywhere without anonymous button and voila!

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Who are you?

I am the boy who just want to be married to another boy and yet everybody thinks it's a normal thing to do.
I am the boy who just tired of seeing people who rushing and pushing other people to marry somebody who they don't want to spend the rest of their life with.
I am the boy who wants to die peacefully in the arms of my loved one
Are those too much to ask?

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tetep ganteng kok vin,


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vin bewokan skrg yah


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Give a smile and PAP! Let's greet Safer Internet Day!


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