Are you also mentally divergent, friend?

I just wanna say something crazy that just happened. My cousin passed away months ago, and my sister and I both have rosaries from his room and we put it over our beds. My sister got surgery recently and hasn’t been able to feel her leg but for some reason she decided to put the rosary over her leg and now she’s able to feel it. My sister doesn’t cry, but she burst into tears telling us all of this and now we’re all in tears. God is real, he has to be, I don’t think this is some kind of coincidence either. Goodnight

It's definitely not coincidence. It sounds like you guys have a guardian angel in the form of your cousin. Thinking about it almost made me emotional cause that's really powerful stuff. God is great Chloe. He knows what's up. ❤️

I think so too, and isn’t it??? Fuck I had to leave the room cuz I was already crying, it’s too crazy to be a coincidence. I posted that to let people know he is definitely real. But you’re right ❤️idk what to feel rn

Idk if God exists or not. I have my doubts because I don’t see any proof for the existence of a God, but you’re entitled to believe what you want, I personally have to see to believe if that makes sense. Had I been in your sister’s position I probably would’ve cried too. That’s very powerful.

You’re entitled to believe what you want and I get what you’re saying, but religion is something you believe without actually seeing. And yeah what happened to my sister along with a lot of miracles I’ve heard in the past make me less skeptical. It was such an emotional moment. Also look at this :)

I want there to be a God, I really do, I just don’t know if he’s genuinely out there or not. That’s what faith is all about though on some level, believing without seeing. I don’t believe but a tiny sliver of me hopes at the very least that there is a God and that there is an afterlife.

I get you, for me I just don’t wanna think about us not going anywhere after we die, I think that’s super scary