I’m trying to make sense of this. You’re not fat or anything, not that that automatically means diabetes. Does it run in your family?

Yea I’m definitely not overweight but no it doesn’t really. My great grandma had it but I think that’s it. But my family including myself loves sugar so I get scared
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I legit pity you. You don’t need to worry yourself over this.


Become fat and smother stupid people with your cellulite lol

Becoming fat is another fear of mine lol

STOP being afraid of things lmao

Easier said than done

Now I want to protect you and shield you from all the bad/harmful in the world upon hearing all these fears of yours lmao

Omg I can’t even

What aren’t you afraid of? Serious question.

I really don’t know

You got attitude but you’re too precious sometimes. Like I swear I wish I knew you IRL, you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

I got hella attitude I been snapping at everyone 😂😭 but thanks. What would you be doing?

You just seem really vulnerable sometimes and I can’t help but get all protective of you.

That’s cute, I’ve heard this before from a friend I haven’t talked to in a while. He said something similar

Does diabetes run in your family? My doctor said that that is super critical when it comes to increasing your odds of getting it... same with diet, obviously. Well, I cleaned like crazy today and didn't eat until I was done. Got a 106 reading. Sweet. I recheck in 10 min to see what it is after lunch

Damn, no I only know one person in my family who had it and she was much older. But I hope you stay on top of it

Got a 138 reading.... all I had was 2 slices of whole wheat toast with cream cheese and 3 scrambled eggs. I need to focus on dropping weight. My doc said that if I can lost just 10 lbs, that my numbers will show an improvement. It's weird how it's impacted by extra weight on your body.

It definitely has an impact, good luck

sorry i just miss him

We’re looking at fish off of Amazon