Come to L.A. and you can cry on my shoulder. Still waiting to know if you want me to clear out a spare room for you.

Omg Id die if you were serious

How about it @eva_wiliams, will you take her surfing if she moves to L.A.?

I’m terrified to try it tho

it’s not bad just takes practice and start on small waves ✅🌊✌️

Haha yea but stilll I’m not super comfortable in the water I guess

awe just takes time and start with a lesson and board ur comfortable 🌊✌️ if u wand and it’s cool it’s not for everyone ik

True true, then I don’t think it’s for me 😂but thank you gorgeous

So, do I make up a spare room for you or not? 🤔

Oh stop 😂😭

When you change your mind, let me know.

If you’re being fr wow I love you

How many languages do you speak?

I really only speak English. My Spanish isn’t great whatsoever, and I only understand assyrian fluently. I only speak it if I wanna say certain phrases and not have people know what im saying

do you cry when texting someone lmao

You ask a lot of crying questions

it seems like a normal anon compared to other fetish anons on this site