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So y’all know how I ranted about the cute friend I have who wanted to keep talking then started ignoring? I made a gc and mind you, he hasn’t read opened my snap in days so I purposely was ignoring him too and he mentioned getting ignored especially by me then dipped. Isn’t that just fucking ironic LMAOO

You should tell him off for doing what he’s doing and explain your side of the story and call him out for being an ironic hypocrite

I kinda want to, but you know I just get so sick of people’s shit and I know it’s gonna be all dramatic so I’ll think about it. I’m still laughing over the hypocrisy

I’m assuming you don’t want to blow up on him. If you want to call him out then you want to. You might as well just do it. You’re clearly bothered by it on some level even if you’re laughing at it. Honestly he does seem like a little bitch, not trying to be mean but that’s just how he acts.

Exactly, I don’t. But I’m not trying to text him then wait another idk how many fucking days to get a response. I am slightly bothered, yet relieved cuz I’m that petty, he doesn’t for whatever reason see he’s been doing the same shit to me yet worse

Don’t let it build up and let him walk all over you. He acts entitled and acts like he owns you and your attention towards him. If I were you I’d be seething. It’s demeaning.

I don’t know if he’s walking all over me, but I know where you’re coming from. And I was seething when I first realized he wasn’t that busy to reply, but now that he feels that shit too I feel somewhat better but not really

You not telling him off would be letting him walk all over you.

I feel like it’s also good I’m not talking to him cuz he literally left the gc and is probably thinking I’m gonna message him or something. That’s the thing

Ah you’re keeping him in suspense. Crafty 😂

Ofc 😌 “just getting bare ignored, even by Chloe. Madness” then he dipped and I didn’t say anything to him

See, he was trying to manipulate you there. But you’re a smart cookie and didn’t fall for it. Good work! 🤓🍪❤️

You think so? 😔👌🏼feels bad but o well

See this is what we mean by you being innocent/naive lol. He tried manipulating you by name-dropping you into messaging him. You’re unaware of blatant attempts at manipulation and you feel bad for cutting him off. You may have the ‘tude but sometimes you’re too pure for this world.

Aw thanks, I feel like he isn’t the manipulating type but maybe that’s it. Then I really won’t text him lmao

Good, he may be cute but he doesn’t seem like good news. You can do better and as another anon said, he isn’t worth your time.

He really is cute lmao he isn’t an asshole either it’s fucking weird. But yeah true. Also he ended up in my dream :)) it was weird, it’s like he invited me to his gc and then I ended up having a class with him irl.. weird

ooo you low key like him jk

No I have dreams about random people sometimes so I prob was just thinking about the situation