Your reactions to these questions, the emojis you use, you’re letting stupid anons get away with much less shit. You just seem slightly more confident with time and if that’s the case then I am beyond proud of you.

Don’t be so proud, I’m not letting anyone get away with anything so idk what youre talking about

Idc I’m still proud because ily anyway. also, you’ve always been hard on stupid anons. for some reason you just seemed more confident yesterday.

Well thank you ❤️ily2

I've never seen you not be confident here? Interacting with faceless people online is a massive difference from doing that with people in real life.

But talking online is way easier for me to do

It’s the opposite for me. The internet is unpredictable, real life is more predictable and more thrilling.

Idk man, I guess everyone is different

How much more timid are you irl than on here?

I’m way more timid

Awww. I have the feeling that you’re much nicer irl and tolerate ppl’s shit more but use the internet as your punching bag. Understandable.

Omg.. yeah kinda. But I still go off irl, but more with my family

I have a feeling that you’re a doting, supportive and generous friend, especially if they’re closer to you.

Das cute. I mean idk I guess I am. Speaking of friends I really miss my girl jenny

Jenny is funneh

And you only saw one ss lmao she’s fuckin hilarious but were also very different

I have a feeling she’s the outgoing and happy-go-lucky one out of you two and she acts as a social anchor for you in some situations bc you’re shy.

She isn’t very shy yeah, shes also wild 😂

When she said something about “they can eat my vagina” or smth in that screenshot you posted I knew she was wild lmfao.


She sounds fun to be around.

She is. And we can go weeks or days without testing like even tho I know she’s on snap she won’t really reply and I do the same. We don’t really care, we’re those kinds of friends. Plus we never actually stop texting