Chloe it's Friday. The local store has $4 footlong subs today. I'm going to order 4 of them. 2 cheesesteak, a meatball, and a turkey. Then I'm going to sit on the sofa and eat as much as I can while watching tv and being online. What are you doing?

Wait.. aren’t you diabetic? I don’t wanna be rude at all but if this is the same anon... not that it’s all super unhealthy but idk

if that anon is talking about subway they are healthy

Yeah I think they’re talking about subway

someone my mom and dad knows lost a lot of weight by eating subway

That’s nice

just eating healthy and excersizing

That’s good

lost 10lb's that i know of so far

I’m proud of you

thanks i feel a little different

That’s a good thing, keep it up

HAHAHAHAHAHA OMFG you remember that I'm diabetic. I literally busted laughing out loud. I was letting my stomach talk when I sent this. I actually did get subs, but I got 100% whole wheat and the grilled chicken. They have this amazing cheese bread, but I know that's really awful for my blood. lmao

Yes I remember lmao you’re always sending me the food you eat. And don’t go for the cheesy bread you’ll regret it

HAHAHA You're the best, Chloe. Yea, I'm sticking with 100% whole wheat from now on. I get starving at times, but when I chow down on something that tastes good, I get sick, so that's no good either. Anyway, you have a good memory remembering me being diabeteic. Hope you're having a nice Friday!

:) later hun