Is he like a basement dweller type? That has like Cheeto dust and Twinkie crumbs on shirt?

Well he’s my sisters age so he ofc lives with his parents but he’s fat and just gross looking. I don’t wanna be a total bitch but I dislike him

And what’s wrong with a neck beard thinking you are hot? Would it still be a creep if instead he looked like faking Zack Efron?

There’s a lot wrong with it because gross lmao, and he’s just a douchebag for other reasons. He’d say inappropriate shit to my sister and he’s butt ugly. Idgaf about Zac Efron either he’s overrated

Well I don’t the guy but you should not be so much swallow! Looks are not important!

I am “swallow” and I don’t care because a lot of other people are. Not gonna sugarcoat it lol

You should not be so much FOB!

The irony in this sentence

It’s always the fug-mugs that act the most inappropriate and thirsty probably bc they get nothing and have to compensate.

Most likely, one of my friends other friends would call me hot but he’s adorable and I love him, I’m not mean about it not just cuz he’s adorable but his personality too. Such a fetus

🤦‍♀️ I’m mocking the other anon ffs.

Bro how would I know omg

The adorable one with a winning personality?

Yeah when I was leaving hs he gave me a hug. Major cutie

Btw I love how you’re using “neckbeard” now lmao. It’s a good insult.

Lmao credits to you

Shallow * and the fact that a lot of people are like that doesn’t mean it is alright

Oh well, I’m shallow what you gonna do

Nothing I’m not doing anything about it, it’s up to you to change that

I’m not gonna act like I’m attracted to unattractive people