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imagine our lives without the word "Love." How would we describe it? ** تخيل الحياة بدون كلمة "حب". كيف سنعبر عنه؟

Sufiyan0mar’s Profile PhotoSufiyan BassAss
We would express it the same way real love is expressed, always
it's not the words that show love
it's not sweet lies that show it either
you show it with actions
by fusing your hearts and souls into each other
and by always keeping your significant other thought in every thing you do
you don't even have to say the words "i love you"
cuz they would already know it

If a person you're not in good terms with asked you to meet up with them randomly.. (whether an ex or a friend you had a strong fight with) what do you expect they're up to? Don't say meet up. ?

ZiziRiddle’s Profile PhotoᏃ.
Me being an "expect the worst but hope for the best" kinda guy i would expect everything from planning to assassin me or beat me up lol
to trying to work our previous disagreements out
either way i would prepared for all scenarios ?

any advices on how to make new friends when you're 15 and in a new school? you see, i thought i didn't need any friends, but sitting alone in the corner is kinda pathetic.

AyaAbuAlhummos’s Profile PhotoAya.
Be yourself, be yourself, be yourself. Having friends isn't necessarily as it seems thou it's nice to have them. In your case, you want new friends so listen to them and allow them to have a conversation with you, try to ask them to meet up again, share some stories and keep a smile.?


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