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Hi Yousef I will Join a Ship very soon, the Ship's deck is Steel so what is the best fitness sessions to do on board??.

Research home based workouts, they are mostly push ups, sit ups, lunges, squats, crunches, and try to get some dumbbells with you to do shoulder presses, bicep curls and triceps extensions.
If you got your self a pull up bar ( u can do a lot with it )

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Hey yousif :)! Listen, I'm aiming to drop 7 kilos, I'll be skinny then cus Im already thin now, Should I do it through little toning (twice a week) to reserve my muscles and then increase it to every other day once I reach my goal & bump up my calories to maintain? Akhaf ina wazni yathbit etha (c)

Why do u wana lose 7 kilos if your thin now ?
If you want to show muscles, or show 6 pack, u need to do a different approach, IT IS not through losing Kilos.

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Cham calorie ib 1 cup choco pudding?

it depends on the ingredient, some puddings are made different than the others.
But i will say for a standard cup size, it is between 300-500.
But becareful, calories from deserts are mostly from (fat calories). A grilled healthy chicken breast can have up to 500 calories but all from protein.
So it is not just the calories that counts, its where did the calorie come from :).

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Hi I mean after pregnancy . Thanks

Generally, you have to take it very slow to get back on track after pregnancy. High intensity training could lead to the accumulation of (lactic-acid) in breast milk which causes sourness the baby might not like. so make sure you drink a lot of water before and after ur workout and stick to a moderate training intensity levels.
After 5 months, the affect of exercise on breast milk will be reduced.
So generally speaking, if u had an uncomplicated birth, then start whenever u feel ready and start with long walks, low intensity aerobics and light weight exercises, (remember to drink a lot of water,) and consider ( breast feeding the baby before your workout session ).

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